The Tekken Series

If there was any game that gained dominance it was Tekken. Why? Well it started off as an accessible yet deep game back in the 90s with cartoonish graphics. It was a low budget game at the start which soon gained a huge success that it spun more games to come. It was a sci-fi game which featured more real martial arts moves, none of those projectiles and the ridiculously powerful combos that were difficult to do.

The plot was kind of based on revenge and dysfunctional family ties. Tekken 1 featured Kazuya Mishima seeking revenge against his father Heihachi Mishima. In Tekken 2, Heihachi Mishima is seeking revenge against Kazuya Mishima and in Tekken 3, a "Kazuya clone" in Jin Kazama was introduced. Each game sought to improve more and more especially with the hidden characters that were unlocked with specific character usage.

Due to the upcoming of the PS2, Tekken simply improved its engine to the point that non-Tekken fans will buy it. How? Well Tekken Tag Tournament was a nice spin-off out of canon and with the official sequel, Tekken 4, things were just getting better. It was nice to think that starting with Tekken 3, characters were more balanced, controls had gotten easier and the gameplay is challenging enough as not to cause any more unnecessary frustrations done in the earlier games.

Tekken 5 did some big improvements. How? Well the game itself featured the first non-playable and extremely challenging boss in Jinpachi who by the way is Heihachi's father. He was so powerful he was made non-playable without a cheat device.

As for Tekken 6, I felt like the game is probably gone too powerful. Why? Well the introduction of Azazel makes the game more challenging to the point it can run out of balance due to the incredible power of the final boss plus his size. In fact, the game has got some more deadly secrets to reveal and who knows what cool thing Tekken will do next.


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