Belle's The Almost Perfect Girl of Disney

From all of Disney's girls, Belle actually stands out. Why? She's the prettiest but despite that, she is even prettier inside. So she's everybody's dream girl but she's not vain, spoiled or self-centered, her personality is a studious, modest girl- just the type of girl I'd like to meet and have. By the way, it's natural for me to want someone like her because I can be much like Beast in my personality.

Gaston who is the "hottest guy" in the village wants her but she doesn't. Gaston just doesn't deserve her. It's always Beast even if he was unkind to her at first. Why? Beast just needs somebody like her to calm him down, which she does and thus begins their chemistry where soon he'll be back to his normal self. And her love for Beast is just so strong that it breaks his temper. She's so strong willed that she could resist Gaston when almost everybody couldn't.

So it's just fair Gaston meets his end and Beast gets her. Hee hee.


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