Jabba the Hutt's Bizarre Attraction in Star Wars

One thing that had intrigued me in Star Wars was Jabba the Hutt's bizarre attraction to non-Hutt women. So okay Hutts are said to be hermaphrodite but had a personality they chose, so in Jabba's case, his father asexually reproduced him so his father was also his mother. Yet in one case, Gardulla was a female Hutt and Anachro. So that's a hiccup in the writing. Let's focus on Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba the Hutt was known to be attracted to women not of his kind. His favorites were mainly Twi'leks and the most infamous was Oola, the daughter of a lowly chieftain. In the past, he also had other Twi'lek slaves. They were probably eaten by the Rancor if he got bored with them and found another. It was unknown how many human girls he had with defiled as well.

One attraction soon met his end- that was with Leia Organa. Unknown to him, Leia Organa had herself captured on purpose so she could kill him. He was enamored with her and that became his end. He underestimated her to the point that after some night of lustful advances, they spelled his end when Leia Organa strangled him.


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