Power Rangers Samurai: Why I'm Disliking It

Hmmm flame at me all you want but here's the reality, I don't like the Power Ranger Samurai season for the following reasons:

They just don't get creative with what they get.  So you've got a two whites, one Chinese girl (presumably) and at least one African set as the characters.  So okay, if they were not able to get an Asian red ranger (which I think could have been great just for this season but well, auditions do affect casting with whose the best vs. whose the worse) however, the whole issue is that they can't get creative. Trying to port the Shinkenger story into these guys is lame.  They could have at least handled things differently like the last samurai of Japan found them to be his new pupils rather than import the Shinkenger story into them and it's just being forced.  Jayden could have at least been a "karate kid" type of character than a carbon copy of Takeru- a much nicer guy than Takeru was.  Also Mia as a bad cook is lacking the charm (or curse) that Mako has.

The mega mode is just another gimmick to sell toys.  They could at least stick to the Shinkenger foorage or just keep the suits as is.


  1. Yeah, Samurai is terrible.

    Though I wouldn't say their races HAVE to be their characters. I don't think one should view Jayden as "that white guy." That sounds rather strange. xD

  2. @Fantasy Leader-

    Power Rangers could have been used to promote multiracial understanding. I just feel like that should how Power Rangers should go.


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