Serpentor's Insane Moments

Although Serpentor is a more bad-ass leader than the Cobra Commander (considering the fact he was created from the DNA of history's most evil leaders), however Dr. Mindbender's poor course of action of using Sgt. Slaughter's DNA to replace the damaged DNA of Sun Tzu created a whole insanely impatient and overbearing emperor instead who acts as a spoiled brat would in the real life.  Would have he gotten Mao Zedong's DNA as a replacement none of the events above would have happened and Serpentor may have become a better leader.  Dr. Mindbender is a real quack not to consider Mao Zedong's DNA.  The writers could have thought of that.  Well I guess they didn't want to offend China but nobody can deny Mao Zedong is a terrible tyrant whose DNA could have evened out Serpentor's otherwise super rough personality.

Would Serpentor have Mao Zedong's DNA instead of Sgt. Slaughter's, I think he would have succeeded in taking over Washington D.C. rather than the rash action to do a full force invasion.  Hee hee.  Mao Zedong was using Sun Tzu's methods of war. Dr. Mindbender would have thought of it better that if Sun Tzu's DNA was lost, Mao Zedong would have been an adequate replacement. Mao Zedong had the patience not to do what Serpentor does in the cartoon.  If he had Mao Zedong's DNA he would not easily give in to Sgt. Slaughter's challenge and he would have led Cobra like he did in the comics.

Nobody can deny that he wants something now, he wants it now!  Mao Zedong wasn't LIKE THAT of a dictator you know!  Mao Zedong had plans which allowed him to stay in power until he died.


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