Like Father, Like Son- Daibazaal and Sincline

So there's a lot of similarities between Sincline and his father Daibazaal.  What are they?  Here are a few examples:

1.) Cruelty to subordinates- Both could care less about their subordinates as long as they get their way.  They are pretty much users and abusers to other people, even towards each other.  So yeah, I can't blame Sincline for hating his father too.

3.) Types of women- Apparently both of them are addicted to blonde girls though ironically Daibazaal thinks adding Farla into the harem is a no-no.  Come on, Daibazaal force-wed an Altean girl in the past who became Sincline's mom, whom he killed out of anger issues!  So Daibazaal may have not allowed Sincline's decision to blackmail Farla because of one thing- his own Altean consort hated him with a passion and he snapped her neck out of anger issues.

3.) Both are bloodthirstily disgusting and enjoy sporting blood out of other people.


1.) Sincline prefers to finish off the enemy himself.  Daibazaal could care less.


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