Lest Shao Kahn Face the Judgment of the Elder Gods!

I had my thoughts on what did it take long for Mortal Kombat fans to figure out that Shao Kahn's defeat can only be done if he merges Earthrealm with Outworld without taking it in ten Mortal Kombat victories?  Sure he has secured various realms in 10 Mortal Kombat tourmanent victories but soon enough he got bored, he decided to do an invasion out of his impatience.  What was realized was that by beating him then, they only halted his victory temporarily.

In Mortal Kombat 2011, what was later revealed was that in order to prevent Armageddon, Shao Kahn must win without the necessary victories because as said to those who attempt to merge the realms in victory without the necessary Mortal Kombat will face the judgment of the Elder Gods.  Shao Kahn is pretty much arrogant in his claim, "Today I have become the Elder God."  He acts as if the Elder Gods appointed him as king of the universe then he claims to have become the ruler of the Universe?  Well pretty much serves him right to be judged by the Elder Gods!  Sad to say, Raiden only realized that in the Netherrealm.  His fate almost reminds me of the Bull King in the Journey to the West to whom Nezha an elder god transported him away to have his fate decided by the Elder Gods.


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