Megaman X Command Mission

It's a pretty old game but for me, this game is really had the potential to lead a new series but TOO BAD Capcom had to screw it up.  It's the first true Megaman RPG based on the X series, in fact made me think at first I thought it would be like Megaman Legends series but it's much better.  Why?  It has an RPG turn based system, you get to really combat the Rebellion Army and of course there are twists and turns.  Pretty much, the whole system is based on trying to figure out the secret of the Rebellion Army that is setting some kind of freaky plan to "evolve" all Reploids with Supra Force Metal led by the dangerous General Epsilon who does have some weird operational plans.  Like how?  Just made me think despite his being a Maverick, he does usually choose to exile people away from Giga Island rather than kill them.

I had my thoughts on how the game starts- so you have X and Zero to play as.  Made me think not much has changed between Megaman and Zero.  Zero is still a jerk with a heart of gold, Megaman X is still as naive as he is before his upgrade into X.  In the conflict, there are several characters that get drawn into the conflict especially a massive deception.  For me, once I get Megaman, Zero and Axl in later chapters I end up using them all too much while getting most of the characters to be underused except for Massimo who is needed to flip some annoying Metools.  Zero's Z-Saber is very helpful as well.

Made me really think that this game needs a huge amount of patience to complete and unlock some of its secrets like the Ultimate Armor for Megaman and the Absolute form for Zero which are pretty cool items.  Made me think that finding some items, learning to use Hyper Forms sparingly and weapons well (or situational as you CANNOT switch weapons during combat) is very necessary.  Proper planning is necessary like since firing fire weapons on fire foes (or the like) causes them to gain their health back even at maximum.  Learning the weaknesses of them makes me think that power is not everything.  And of course, there's a surprise twist towards the end that I won't tell you.

If you're a diehard Megaman fan then buy this game!


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