Mortal Kombat: Rumors that Became Reality

Mortal Kombat had a couple of rumors that soon became realized.  Now here are they that became real...

From MK1:

The first one was Ermac.  There was a rumor that he was hidden in MK1.  Later he was made a real character in UMK3.  In Shaolin Monks, he is a hidden opponent.  In MK 2011, he was probably also made a contestant during the first tournament to further make a reference to the rumor of the first game.

Reptile was said to be playable in MK1 which was disproved, he was made his own character in MK2 with a new movelist rather than just borrowing abilities from Sub-Zero and Scorpion.  The same went for Shang Tsung and Goro.  Shang Tsung became playable in MK2 as a younger version of himself and other games where he followed and Goro was playable in MK Trilogy Saturn/Playstation, Gamecube version of Deception and MK Armageddon though he was a Game Boy playable.

From MK2:

For MK2, it was said you can fight Blaze.  Blaze was made a playable character in MKDA and MK Unchained sadly with no fatality of his own.  In MK Armageddon, he became the final boss to battle.  He was once called "Fire" by rumors.

It was rumored you could perform a stage fatality in the Living Forest, an idea that took a lot of time to realize.  In MK4 sad to say it wasn't even existent.  In MK Shaolin Monks the idea was integrated into the living forest level where the player had to feed the trees to progress.  In MK 2011, it became home to a new stage fatality where the defeated opponent is thrown into the mouth of one of the trees and gets chewed up to death leaving only the legs behind.

There was the rumor that Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang) could turn into an animal, in MK3 to MK Trilogy you get Animalities.  It was probably spawned by Liu Kang's dragon fatality.

It was said that the hooks could be used as an alternate stage fatality.  Later in MK Shaolin Monks, the hooks were meant to be a progress by uppercutting enemies into them.  Too bad it wasn't used in MK 2011.

Another hidden fighter rumor was that of Skarlet who was called as "Blood" by some rumor makers.  She was made downloadable in MK 2011 and readily available in MK Komplete Edition.

There was a rumor that Goro could be found in MK II as a hidden fighter.  Eventually in MK Shaolin Monks which rewrote the events of the Outworld Tournament, Goro was a boss you had to fight.  In MK 2011, the MK2 story has Goro (in his next life) returning to Outworld rather than being alleged dead.

There was the lie you can free Kano and Sonya.  Well in MK Shaolin Monks, you can if you talk to Kitana four times before the final battle then guards will appear.  Enter the door and prepare to fight Kano in an optional boss fight which I recommend to have an easier time with Shao Kahn later.


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