If I Could Make a Conan the Adventurer Remake

Well here's my wild idea of a Conan the Adventurer remake.  Well I'll have it live instead of animated.  Well it'll have a higher rating considering Conan really kills somebody here.

I would make Andrew Gray my Conan.  After Power Rangers, he can become the new Conan.  So let his hair grow long (or let him wear a wig), let him carry a sword and let him become Conan the Adventurer.  Well furry underwear, a sword and a wig... and maybe some practice he'll start kicking ass. I might give him some "divine origin" as well.  In this story, Conan is said that he will become king.

Maybe I'll make Christina Masterson the leading lady.  She has that Asian look which might be useful for the role of Jezmine.  It could make a hot item between Andrew Gray and Christina Masterson.  Or let Ciara Hanna fill in the role as well.  Or let her be a princess who is infatuated with Conan.

Ciara Hanna might be another option for the leading lady.  Hmmm Valeria anyone?  Not really.

In my own view, Thulsa Doom will be the main villain but this time done in the vein of the comics Thulsa instead of the snake sorcerer Thoth-Amon.  The movie Thulsa Doom was erroneously portrayed as a snake themed sorcerer rather than the skull-faced wizard.  For my story, Thulsa Doom will be the main villain.  In the past of long ages, he was vanquished by Conan's ancestor Kull.  Hearing that Kull's line had survived, he leads various bloodthirsty massacres.  He has conquered one land after the other, using his sorcery to establish his evil empire where he rules from Aquilonia on its jeweled throne.  He sends his minions trying to kill Conan but we knows who wins right?  Well maybe along the way, he also has an ongoing rivalry with Thoth-Amon of Stygia whose also building an empire rivaling his.


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