Why I Like Megaforce Better than Samurai

Okay this might be a very biased post for some but here's just what I think- Megaforce is better than Samurai and here's why...

Much better cast.  PR Samurai was pretty wooden, really and I dunno what or who to blame for what happened behind the scenes.  I mean, PR Samurai was virtually stiff.  I would also like to credit the fact that these guys really put real effort.  Outstanding?  Nah but you got to admit the cast had a way better acting credit.  True the story is hurriedly done but at least there's some uniqueness compared to Power Rangers Samurai that literally messed up an otherwise cool show, but still Power Rangers Samurai should be credited for fueling me with silly ideas I love to do.

I just have to admit these guys in some way fuel my delusions for the Super Sentai x Nickelodeon crossover though Power Rangers and other Tokusatsu outside Super Sentai will only be referenced.

On the shallow side, I watch it for these two girls Christina Masterson and Ciara Hanna. =P


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