Why Serpentor Sucked as Cobra's New Leader in the Cartoon

Well Serpentor was definitely a cooler leader than Cobra Commander was in the comics series, however the cartoon Serpentor is very OOC in contrast to the comics version.  So what's with this guy?  So okay Dr. Mindbender began gathering the DNA of many of the most powerful dictators but he failed to get Sun Tzu's DNA.  Using Sgt. Slaughter's DNA had a negative result which made Serpentor more prone to foolish decisions and two, he was just about everything insane.  Sheesh, only if Dr. Mindbender used Mao Zedong's DNA as a replacement, his synthetic emperor could have worked better.  I'd like to say he really is really is very arrogant and thinks he's perfect.

So yeah, it's always "This I command." and more of his temper gets the best of him.  In fact, the first act of him as a sentient being was to fight Sgt. Slaughter who he has some DNA used.  Worse, he chose to fight Sgt. Slaughter head on and even bashed Destro and Dr. Mindbender in the process.  His attack on Washington D.C. was another of his fiascos.  Would have he been more subtle than to launch a direct attack, it would have worked.  Also, he was foolish enough to believe the president could easily surrender to him leading to his defeat.  To make matters worse, he decides to use Cobra Commander as a scapegoat for his failures.  Besides, some plans get ruined like the emotion controlling organ because he is just so impatient and easily angered.  He wants everything now, now and now.  Besides that's what even makes the movie even dumber to why Golobulus would choose him when in fact, he is really just an angry loser who has much less patience and does everything by instinct.


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