Colonel Tasmader's Role in Kamen Rider Black RX

Colonel Tasmader, one of the enigmatic characters in Kamen Rider BLACK RX.  He was introduced as the Crisis Empire's inspector sent by Grand Lord Crisis himself.  In fact, what is so amazing is that he has survived death twice in the series, one when General Jak injured him to save Maribaron or when RX attempted to finish him off.  So something was definitely not right about him.

Of course, he was always at odds with everyone considering he is a real braggart and very cruel to everyone.  General Jak always cared about his subordinates and was more than willing to avenge them but no, not Tasmader.  Tasmader was a real cruel SOB shrouded in mystery to how he survived twice.  Now for the rather strange revelation about him...

In episode 46, we discover that he is actually the host body of Grand Lord Crisis which would be similar to this guy from Sharivan...

That's right, Umibozu/Psychorror.  In Sharivan, Demon King Psycho was using Umibozu/Psychorror to actually move around as a mobile body which was something revealed only in the second to the last episode.  Comparing Tasmader to Psychorror in Sharivan, they are pretty similar.  Demon King Psycho used Umibozu to spy on his troopers, Tasmader was used by Grand Lord Crisis to spy on the Crisis officers.  In Black RX, Tasmader was nearly killed twice but survived which was a hint that he was merely a puppet which in the second to the last episode, Maribaron starts to wonder if Tasmader was just a puppet of Grand Lord Crisis.  However before that, Tasmader like Psychorror could appear with Grand Lord Crisis at the same place at once.  Between Psychorror and Tasmader, apparently Tasmader had a free will of his own before his personality was totally diminished.  Psychorror just seemed to be another puppet but Tasmader could think for himself but was also serving as Grand Lord Crisis' extension.

In the final battle, Black RX calls Tasmader as Crisis Emperor, hinting he knew that Tasmader was actually an extension of Grand Lord Crisis himself.  What was quite disappointing was that after the cool final battle between Black RX and Tasmadder, the final battle with Grand Lord Crisis was too short and disappointing.


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