Aladdin's Being Stated as Chinese- Why That's Frequently Ignored

I was shocked to discover that Aladdin was described as Chinese by the original tale.  However despite being described as Chinese, Aladdin's story had a very erroneous view of China like just the name Aladdin is VERY ARABIC and the "emperor" was more of a Sultan, Chinese emperors do not call their advisers as viziers and that "China" was actually the "utter east".  I've read more information of this China and it's very erroneously set.  In fact, Aladdin's story is more Arabic than Chinese especially when none of Chinese culture is mentioned.  Presumably, China was the rough draft in itself but the story was later rewritten to sound more authentic to be part of the 1001 Nights.

In fact, the people in Aladdin's story are still very Middle Eastern in almost everything which some commentators set the story of Turkestan instead of the actual China itself therefore it feels more authentic to make Aladdin as he should be rewritten as- as an Arabian!  In fact, most Aladdin stories in storybooks and cartoons usually set Aladdin as he should be- an Arabian not Chinese.  In fact, the storyteller was pretty much geographically confused to start with.geography so it was erroneous to even set the story in China to start with.  Later releases of Aladdin end up writing Aladdin as Arabic not Chinese which makes more sense!


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