Gia Moran- My Reason to Watch Megaforce

Well here's my reason to watch Megaforce.  Hee hee, I'm really acting like I'm 8 when I'm 28 with this one.  Just my thoughts on the actress Ciara Hanna and her role as Gia.  As Gia she seems to be the Mary Sue character but fortunately, some character flaws prevent her from that.  I mean, there are real life characters who seem perfect but aren't.  Just reminded me of my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson and is also pretty smart (but not that smart, fortunately). She appears to be pretty serious, tough but at least she's got a soft side.

Megaforce 13
She and Emma are best friends forever.  On the actresses, Ciara Hanna is better.  Christina Masterson tends to overact at times but fortunately, not annoying.  Just had my thoughts that she and Emma tend to balance each other out as best friends forever.  While I do have a certain attraction to Emma but Gia is the one that catches my attention more.

Megaforce 9Megaforce 13
Well there's a ship battle though I don't think a love dodehedron can happen anytime soon.  There's her shippers with Jake the Snake or with the "robot" Troy.  For one, I don't think Troy feels that way about Gia, if a canon ship was about to happen for Troy, it might be Emma though I'm more of a Troy/Gia shipper.  Jake's probably just an annoying stalker and he seems to annoy Gia, but maybe it will push through but on the meantime, I will hold on to my Troy/Gia pairing.


  1. "Robot" Troy, eh? Kinda makes me wanna say he should have been the voice of Robo Knight instead... :P


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