Ranting on the First Half of Megaforce

Well Power Rangers Megaforce has finished its first half with Goseiger footage, now it will move forward to Goseiger footage.  Here's what I think:

First the cast, it's better than Power Rangers Samurai.  I would say I like the cast, none of them annoys me even with some problems like Christina Masterson's being "overly cheery" in this one. Now for one problem which I think needs real fixing:

For Troy, he's more eye candy than real material.  I mean, he's almost like a robot meaning he's pretty boring with emotions.  He really is what I'd call "robotic" and Andrew Gray the actor needs acting classes if he expects to improve beyond Power Rangers.  I just thought that he's being treated more like eye candy than for real content's sake.  I just thought that he's okay but his being expressionless can create a problem.  Not that I find it annoying, it just falls down flat.

For Roboknight, another wasted character unlike his character Gosei Knight in Goseiger.  Not that I hate him, he's fine but he's going to immediately be written off all too soon for the second half.  What a shame.

Second is all about the plot pacing.  I may not find this painful to watch but I guess it can cause conundrums to anybody who's having to catch up with how too fast the plot moves forward.  I mean, there's no room to breathe because of Toei/Saban contracts and maybe, Toei wanted to move things fast and so did Saban.  The series ends with the coming "Legend War" which I might try to check out how these things go.  Other than that, I'll just hang on to this...

Hee hee, just reminds me of the fact that while I really didn't like MMPR because of it being cheesy, I still however hanged on to it because of Kimberly.  Likewise, Gia can make this show less painful for me but she's not really all that cut out to be the new Kimberly compared to Mako.


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