Gia Moran as a Mary Sue Character

When we try to define a Mary Sue, it is defined in the Urban Dictionary as the almost always perfect character which is beautiful, smart, etc. and almost your ideal woman though not perfect seems perfect.  So I was thinking for the first half of Megaforce, Gia does fit in to that category.  In fact she is just almost perfect, too perfect which some people actually would find the character annoying perhaps out of envy.  Every detail about Gia is like, "You don't stand a chance against her, she's the hottest girl in school." or "Well, beautiful and smart." that is pretty much the comments you hear about her.  I even think she overshadows Emma and maybe soon, she'll even overshadow every Sentai or PR girl for that matter.

In Boukenger, we are introduced to Sakura Nishihori who is well everybody's ideal girl.  I don't find the character annoying, she defrosts eventually or maybe I'm just having the hots for her I'd cry if Haruka Suenaga gets married... wah!  Now for everything, Sakura is smart, pretty and can fight now that's just too perfect to the point they forget her cold character flaw.  Just reminded me of my handpicked fiance that fortunately the engagement was cancelled before it started.

To compare, it seems Gia has become the bigger Mary Sue.  Sakura does display her other weaknesses like her irrational fear of bugs, that stupid crush on the chief and more.

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