Saban Brands' Power Rangers Samurai vs. Power Rangers Megaforce: Trying to Remake MMPR?

I was thinking of Saban's return, got all excited but sadly he has some lackluster series.  So here's my thoughts on both of them on which is better or worse... and Saban is really as I see it, trying to remake MMPR.  Really, he should retire and leave the company to better hands.  Better yet, Toei could try to arrange for better hands in handling their joint venture that is Power Rangers.

So Saban went to work on Power Rangers Samurai.  Okay nobody in the cast really annoys me, I guess Kevin is more of a failed Ryunosuke but at least he's definitely not Masato Kusaka 2.0, just that he falls flat. =P  So maybe compared to Operation Overdrive, it does stand in a way.  Problem has to be the way the producer Jonathan Tzachor made this... why is he too lazy to even come up with his own original story here?  I mean, Jayden is not even half-Japanese so why is she surnamed Shiba when his dad has blonde hair?  Then why treat them as Japanese when they aren't?  Ethnic misplacement.  And it's a poor attempt to remake MMPR... come on it's not like as if they had no time to watch the Shinkenger footages and try to tweak things a bit?  I guess it was all thanks to rush casting, just plain bad writing and failed humor especially with Bulk and Spike.  This show was basically a huge failure even with its trying to be MMPR nostalgia.

The next was Megaforce.  Megaforce the cast is okay, for me better than Samurai though Troy is pretty "robotic" at least he's not overacting so I can let that slide.  The show itself tries to merge Goseiger and Gokaiger footage into one series which has the problem of rush, rush and rush.  Only if Toei gave Saban the rights again just after RPM or made Disney adapt Samurai.  Sigh.  Then again, I thought this show had some MMPR nostalgia done right like Gosei (Zordon), Emma (partly Kimberly), Gia (partly Kimberly) and Noah (a fusion of Zack and Billy).  If you are to talk about other MMPR nostalgia here, one episode featured a more cruel version of Bulk and Skull but they toned down and were never seen again.

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