So Rick Medina Won't Reprise as Cole for Super Megaforce?

It's an unconfirmed rumor from Henshin Grid that Rick Medina refuses to reprise his role as Cole that he fears that children might get confused between his character Cole and his character Deker.  I think that sounds stupid for this fact- he could just get a shave and cut his hair again to become Cole again for Super Megaforce.  I guess Toku in general has ceased allowing a Toku actor to appear as two different characters in a row (that is one year after the next) like Junichi Haruta and Kenji Ohba as to avoid children from getting confused.  So I dunno how this goes but until then, I'll just cross my fingers to see who appears for Wild Force and see the rest of Super Megaforce before I continue writing my story.

The Lavender Ranger had a picture with him.  You know, I just thought maybe it's just his makeup in Wild Force that made him look older or consider that 2002 and 2011 is basically nine years.  Rick Medina was 25 years old when he played Cole (ironically Kaneko Noboru was already 27, older than Rick).  Also he returned at the same time the Gaoranger episode for Gokaiger showed up.  Pretty weird.

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