Stephen Lang Could Have Been a Good Thoth-Amon!

While watching the Conan 2011 movie, I just thought that perhaps it would have been better IF they kept the whole Snake Cult menace on then cast Stephen Lang not as the original character Khalar Zym but as the malevolent snake sorcerer Thoth-Amon!

I'll just admit Stephen Lang ALMOST looks like the cartoon version of Wrath-Amon.  Personality-wise, Khalar Zym's approach as a warlord is a more brutal version of Wrath-Amon.  He would have looked cool in the serpent armor but still name him "Thoth-Amon".  I mean, Stephen Lang has the kind of charisma that James Earl Jones had as the movie version of Thulsa Doom.  Keep the snake jibe going on while letting Stephen Lang still be the devoted high priest of Set.  Plus, Stephen Lang has the gruff voice that would make the serpent lord a scary force to reckon with.

Meanwhile I was thinking... I wish Stephen Lang will be cast as the villain of the "Legend of Conan".  Well I know the 2011 movie was a flop due to weak plot but come on, you can't ignore the awesomeness that is Stephen Lang and Jason Momoa should be Prince Conn for the movie.


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