Why I Love The Tekken Series

Tekken for me is probably my favorite fighting game series aside from the post PS1 Mortal Kombat (which made itself an indirect competitor).  So I was thinking Ed Boon is a fan of Tekken too.  So why do I think Tekken kicks ass?  Now here's why:

Accessible to deep gameplay that's not just rock/paper/scissors.  Tekken features the use of a four limb system to which each fighter's limb attack depends on the martial arts style the character uses.  The gameplay itself is pretty accessible to beginners then makes them go deeper into the world of Tekken.  Of course, I could credit how the graphics of Tekken improves overtime.  Virtua Fighter 3 had good graphics going past the blocky ones but Tekken still beats it gameplay-wise.

Quantity and quality.  Tekken does not just offer bare minimum as the series goes by.  Tekken 1 was pretty much bare minimum, Tekken 2 started adding more endings, Tekken 3 had some unlockable games, Tekken 4 well was okay, Tekken 5 up to Tag Tournament 2 featured tons of secret content.  In short, Tekken tries to burst things with cool content and cool characters.  I'm pretty glad Ed Boon as a Tekken fan added that concept into his Mortal Kombat series.  So Tekken beat the game with all characters, you keep getting one unlockable character after the next.

Unlockable endings.  Tekken gives you the motivation to finish the game because of all the cool cinematics you will unlock no matter how corny some of them will get.  I mean, some of them are just silly but cool nonetheless.  In Tekken 6 though I hated that fact you had to play in Arena Mode to get them so that game for me is more of a party time.  I just thought MK9 should have done these types of endings instead of using a Killer Instinct type of ending.

Challenging bosses with great storylines.  Take Heihachi for Tekken 1 where he was a real challenge.  You can think of Tekken 2's Devil, Tekken 3's Ogre, even a more balanced Heihachi in Tekken 4 was a challenge, Tekken 5 had Jinpachi, Tekken 6 had the S.O.B. Azazel who was really, well I hate to really recall all the freaking number of times I lost... hehe.  And there were also sub-bosses which are unlocked when they are defeated.

An interesting storyline.  Tekken for me has a really interesting storyline to why the tournament even existed. The feuds of the Mishimas, the sisters Nina and Anna and many more provide a colorful cast to play as.  And I was thinking I do love playing as the Mishimas.  Glad that Jinpachi was powered down for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


  1. Actually in the PSP port of Tekken 6, the ending scenes are unlocked by playing Arcade mode (I guess what is Ghost Battle Mode in the PSP is Arcade Mode in the PS3). Didn't know you do so in Arena mode in the PS3 port.


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