Ciara Hanna as Gia Moran... My Current Thoughts!

For Power Rangers Megaforce, I would dare say that it's rushed, it tends to get bad or everything but it seems the show has one saving grace for me, it's Ciara Hanna.  So I had my thoughts on how she practically steals the show for me aside from her gorgeous appearance.  The fact is she can act her character out!  I think while Azim Rizk and John Mark Loudermilk can act, she can also act.  But she practically steals the show with her acting and character.  She stands out compared to Christina Masterson in both appearance and acting IMO.

I was thinking she also kind of brings life to the otherwise robotic Andrew Michael Gray.  My problems with Troy is that unlike his "clone" Justin Tomimori otherwise Shun Ogawa in Kamen Rider Fourze.

Just my two cents!


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