Janperson's Second Half

Janperson felt like a show with two halves for these reasons.  One might consider these midseason changes that happened:

Janperson was a solo hero until midseason which we are introduced to this guy...

The midseason of Janperson featured Gun Gibson.  He was originally a bad guy but he became a good guy after a few episodes.  For me, he was a pretty interesting sidekick considering he was once a member of Guild.  He joins Janperson in fighting against the three main enemy factions.

Ryuzaburo Tatewaki during the second half was also transformed into the cyborg Janperson bootleg known as Billgoldy which for me has a badass design.  His approaches when from silly but dangerous to being serious and dangerous, which placed him at bigger odds against the Neo Guild and Super Science Network.  Ever since Billgoldy got introduced, we have a much different opening sequence with the same song with Billgoldy featured as the main villain!

Janperson was a cool show nonetheless which for me, even got better during the second season!


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