Janperson's Three Enemy Factions

Since Janperson exists as a Robocop-type show rather than a standard Metal Hero show, I'd like to present my thoughts on the three enemy factions.

The Gang Guards- It was first headed by George's older brother Ben who for some reason, was easily written off quite early in the series.  George Makabe took over and has his plans to conquer humanity, with him as the only human remaining.  I like the fact he is played by Kazuoki Takahashi who once played as Sho/Change Griffin in Janperson.  Well he is pretty much a cold-blooded criminal mastermind which made me wish he was the final antagonist.

The Super Science Network- A bio-terrorism organism headed by Reiko Ayanoukouji whose plans were not yet fully revealed until the finale arc.  The fact that Atsuko Takahata acts as the head of the organization, makes it all the more better considering the actress' skills.  The bio-technology of the organization for me is a contrast against Janperson who is purely robotic.  Only later it was realized that their leader wanted to restart Earth without pollution while she used criminal means to carry out her will.

The Tatewaki Consulate- While appearing to be a normal company, it's however having a rivalry of robotics with the Gang Guards.  Its leader Ryuzaburo Tatewaki starts off as a playful but sadistic madman who later becomes Billgoldy without the knowledge of the rest of the world.  It started out pretty silly until its leader later became Billgoldy, took a more sadistic persona.  Shun Sugata also does a good job as its leader.


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