Kimberly Hart vs. Gia Moran as the Hottest Girl in School

Apparently PR Megaforce had not only merged Zack's character and Billy's character into Noah but they have also split Kimberly's character into two namely Emma and Gia.  So now I'd like to compare Kimberly Hart and Gia Moran.

Kimberly starts off as a valley girl with a heightened awareness for her friends.  She is deep inside kindhearted and friendly though it doesn't immediately show it.  She's also shown as the team heart though she is also having the weakness of being easily annoyed.  Her beauty is also a curse though as it has attracted Skull for some time and at one point, even Lord Zedd who dropped off the infatuation seeing it as an obstacle to his victory.

Some of Kimberly's traits were implanted into Gia like being the hottest girl in school though she is portrayed to be more "Miss Perfect" than Kimberly.  She's also pretty smart (but not to Noah's level), tends to take leadership and steal the spotlight.  Unlike Kimberly, she is also portrayed to be pretty skilled which kinda makes her a Mary Sue character vs. Kimberly's more or less human character whose not all that tough.  She has Jake as an admirer while fan paired with Troy.


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