Lost Galaxy: Ways It Deviated from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman

One of Lost Galaxy's merits is that while it does have Gingaman-ish elements, it does also deviate from Gingaman.  Note some of the stuff I've written here are actually also drawn from similarities.  These are:

The members of the crew were Terra Venture's military NOT descendants of rangers.  So Gingaman has its lineage concept (which was ported into Shinkenger) while it was completely removed in Lost Galaxy.  So yeah, too bad PR Samurai didn't do the same.  And the rangers here are well, some of them are different from their counterparts.  Kai Chen is a smart guy but weaker vs. Gouki who is less intelligent but stronger.  Maya of course is female while Hikaru is male.  Damon has no rivalry with anyone whatsoever compared to Hayate's with Shelinda.

Magna Defender although he like Bullblack also sacrificed himself, lost his son not his younger brother.  In the exclusive one, Mike as the second Magna Defender sacrificed his powers to get Terra Venture out of the Lost Galaxy.  His spirit appeared again in the finale arc, which Bullblack didn't do.

Rather than a pirate crew as the main antagonists, it's more of Scorpius and his even more cruel (and bitchy even for PR standards) daughter Trakeena as the leading antagonists.  The foot soldiers here were PR exclusive known as the Singers.  I bet Trakeena can still cause trouble to the Gingamen if she met them.  Sadly after Trakeena's awesome final assault, she was written off rather badly in a Toshiki Inoue-ish style finale.

Captain Mutiny is demoted from a big bad to an extra type of villain.  Captain Mutiny's main counterpart Captain Zahab was the main villain of Lost Galaxy.  He was also in the Lost Galaxy as a secondary threat to the rangers.  His crew were Deviot (based on Biznella), Barbarax (based Batbas) on and Hexuba (based on Illies).

Furio was based on Dr. Hinelar's mutated form.  Considering that Lost Galaxy was not so reliant in Gingaman footage, I really commend how this series managed to use Dr. Hinelar's mutated form as Furio.

Treacheron compared to Budou fought Magna Defender while Budou fought Gingared.  He was also framed up but this time, by Trakeena.

Villamax and Kegler.  While Villamax's counterpart Sanbash was written off pretty early in Gingaman to be replaced by Budou, here he appeared later in the series as an honorable warrior.  Villamax was manipulated by Trakeena who later killed him.  Kegler is Villamax's sidekick rather than being the adviser of Captain Mutiny.


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