What's Wrong with Lion Voltron's Plots?

After watching Golion which is well, better than Voltron but a series faced with the issues of writer's burnouts and producers running out of ideas... now for issues in Voltron I thought needed to be addressed:

Character deaths removed.  Okay I CAN understand if Voltron trimmed off all the gory scenes BUT it's NOT an excuse not to include the character deaths.  Many times a character obviously dies but they write the deaths off.  For example, Sven was really obviously dead with Hagar's attack YET they let him live later without explanation?  What's going on?  And the problem goes on and on with character deaths like being transported in some other dimension.  I mean Curan's wife and son can still be killed without showing their death scene!

Many times human characters are replaced with robots which makes the situation utterly stupid.  It makes Zarkon more stupid than the already retarded Daibazaal.  In the finale of Golion, it made more sense why the Golion team was afraid to move from Sincline's trap because inside those pods are HUMANS.  Plus Sincline's brutality makes more sense towards the soldiers if they were NOT robots.


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