Cable: My Favorite Fighter to Spam in Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Indeed he lives to his role as the time-lost son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, returning in time only top find out he has become OLDER than his parents.  So yeah, freaky huh?  Mr. Sinister's theory of the Summers-Grey union of creating a character so powerful didn't just get fulfilled in the mainstream Marvel, he was also taken INTO Marvel vs. Capcom 2 where he is actually, really, really spamworthy! And yup, I think he is the most powerful playable character ever.  Mr. Sinister never dreamed that Cable would too, become an overrated fighter!

Cable is really VERY cheap.  His standing FP can be canceled into his Viper Beam then if at level one, you can then follow up with a Hyper Viper!  Now the Hyper Viper may not look so intimidating but don't let it fool you, it does awesome amounts of damage!  And I would say that with Cable, I simply love spamming him against the CPU that I usually avoid playing as him against my friends.  I mean, he's so cheap that... well so cheap!  I mean, I didn't even need to know how to use his other moves all that strategically, I could just really spam, spam and spam to win!  And with other big blast allies like Megaman, his father Cyclops, Ryu, Iron Man, War Machine, Anakaris, Morrigan and Iceman, it's definitely sure to be a painful experience for most noobs.  So far my favorite Cable team ups are Cable/Megaman/Cyclops, Cable/Megaman/Morrigan, Cable/Megaman/Ryu, Cable/Megaman/Anakaris, Cable/Cyclops/Anakaris, Cable/Cyclops/Iceman, Cable/Iron Man/War Machine to name a few of painful teams I avoid when playing with my friends.

I would also like to say fighting against Abyss (no, not the Marvel Abyss who is Nightcrawler's paternal half brother in the mainline continuity) is easy when you have Cable.  I mean, block, Viper Beam, block and press HP... stay far away and you can almost win so cheap.  Another is that when reaching his third form, with an entire team of big blast characters, just go ahead and LET IT RIP and sometimes, Abyss even dies in one shot if you have Cable around!


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