What if Bulk and Spike Met the Shinkengers?

The fact they aren't relevant to Power Ranger Samurai at all makes me think they may want to pack their bags and move to Japan.  One episode in Shinkenger did leave me thinking of that idea from entering...

The whole Mr. Brown episode in Shinkenger, the 14th episode when Ryunosuke met this crazy dude who wanted to be a samurai.  Bulk and Spike are no different than he is.  For Mr. Brown, he is like Bulk in the sense of being fat and stupid.  But at least he didn't bring Spike with him in that episode.

Spike's just your average teenager who's a pushover.  He's 14 years old in the show making him much younger than the PR Samurai team.  In his case, he probably will have a real shock with this one...

That's right... Mako.  I just thought that while Bulk will probably just annoy Ryunosuke like Mr. Brown did, Spike would probably try to get Mako's attention even if she is actually 10 years older than he is.  Chances are he might grope her while she saves him from an invading Nanashi army.  Mako likes fixing broken people in general BUT she might actually turn into a bitch when confronting Spike!

Jii would probably berate Bulk and Spike to the point they'll never return to to the Shiba House.  The PR version of Jii is so bland compared this badass!  If not, he will give them REALLY hard training to the point they break their bodies.

Assuming they arrive in the point where Genta is a Shinkenger already, the possibilities are Genta might go berserk on Bulk and Spike.  Genta may be a happy go lucky dude but he has his limits.  He might actually show Spike why he's not qualified.


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