Where Kimberly Got It Right, Where Gia Got It Wrong!

Time for another ramble on why I got a brain freeze from Megaforce... and I simply want to analyze where Kimberly got it right, Gia got it wrong.  And

For Kimberly what makes her stand out for me is that's he's not a Mary Sue character, she's not Miss Perfect.  True she is a witty character but the fact she's weaker but smarter, she's feminine but can still fight and even if she's really hot, they decided not to make her into a goddess of sorts (except fandom).  Kimberly was once a shallow girl but had a heightened awareness for friends.  Okay she can get overly blunt like when she told Billy, "That's not the way to meet girls..." but that was fixed.  She didn't steal the spotlight character-wise neither was she a bitch, though her being overly blunt and easily annoyed could get a little more work!  My only problem with her is the Dear John letter which I choose to blame bad writing for that OOC moment.

On the other hand, Gia is hot yeah but I thought, "Roses have thorns!"  My problem with Gia is how often she steals the spotlight even if she hardly has a focus episode!  Ciara Hanna can act but the character becomes a bitch and a Mary Sue.  As a Mary Sue, she is your almost perfect character.  I mean how often is it anyway she almost makes everybody look like idiots?!  I mean, even Emma already looks pale compared to her.  A good show balances everybody.  Unfortunately Gia tends to be just eye candy with almost no character development!


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