Was Thuy Trang Remembered in Akibaranger?

Knowing that Circuit Unsure was really in memory of Thuy Trang (the episode was aired on October 20, 2001 while Thuy Trang died September 3, 2001)... I was wondering what other possible tributes did Thuy Trang have?

During the final episode of Season Tsuu, one can see the deceased Akibarangers mourning for their own deaths.  After they remembered all their adventures, one can see Mika calling them back to the afterlife.  Did producers have Thuy Trang in mind when they wrote Mika in as a ghost?  Possibly.  And  was even thinking of this, in the background is Naoto's ghost which... Circuit Unsure was dedicated to Thuy Trang.

In "Circuit Unsure" one can see Eric on focus.  He battles against Serpicon in this episode.  So I heard Eric was also supposed to die like Naoto but lived thanks to executive meddling (for once, it saved somebody's life!).  Eric fortunately lived but Naoto unfortunately died (judging by Eric's wound, he could survive that compared to Naoto being hit at a vital organ).  And in the final clip of Akibaranger, Time Fire also appears as a ghost together with Mikoto and Mika.  Dino Thunder had loads of MMPR nostalgia and for one, why not Dragon Ranger?  But still, Trini's absence of being mentioned in Tommy's memories may indicate the character had died.

Both Mika and Trini were the first yellows in their respective series.  Both were skilled martial artists who only fought when provoked.  I pretty thought of it that Thuy Trang's death didn't only make Saban sad but also Toei, the very reason why Power Rangers exists.  Perhaps the producers really thought of making a reference to Thuy Trang and the episode "Circuit Unsure" in the final episode of Akibaranger though it was aired on June 28, 2013.


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