X-Men's Genetically Engineered Children

X-Men had some genetically engineered children namely...

In Age of Apocalypse timeline, Mr. Sinister created X-Man from the DNA of his fellow henchman Cyclops and Jean Grey (who was detained in the slave pens).  After the Age of Apocalypse timeline collapsed with the fall of its version of Apocalypse, X-Man entered into the mainline Marvel Continuity where he had an incestuous relationship with his alternate reality "sister" or another way of speaking his "aunt", Madelyne Pryor who was born out of Jean Grey's DNA.

While X-23 was supposedly Wolverine's clone from a tank, instead Wolverine's DNA or most likely semen was inserted into a surrogate mother who gave birth to X23.  X23 would be the daughter of Wolverine through artificial insemination instead.


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