Is Megaforce/Super Megaforce Too Eye Candy Reliant?

The New Creddie/Seddie Fan Wars!!!!

Somehow the keyword of Megaforce is "Pretty" which I can really think about three particular people there who are seemingly there just to be eye candy name Troy, Gia and Emma. Now here's what I just thought of the three characters.

Troy... I could comment while he does look good... but the character is plain flat and boring.  I don't even think any topless performance would actually save the show. The actor Andrew Gray is being robot and is just there to be a pretty boy character. If anybody is more interesting than the pretty boy it's both Jake the Snake and Noah. He's utterly uninteresting if you ask me.

Next is with Gia.  Gia appears to be too much of what you'd call a Mary Sue. Now I would admit I find her attractive and all... to be honest she is hot. The problem is that she's too much of a perfect girl that could steal the show too much then she lacks focus episodes.

For Emma Goodall she is a really failed version of Kimberly... no questions asked.  Some may find her attractive but I don't really find her all that attractive compared to Gia. I kinda think she and Jake may look good together though. =P

With boring stories, bad execution and everything, I can assume that Power Rangers Megaforce is indeed too eye candy reliant.


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