Kimberly's Singing Voice vs. Mako's Singing Voice

One of the things in common Mako has with Kimberly aside from looks and that overly blunt side of theirs, is their singing voice.  Here's a video comparison:

This is Kimberly's singing voice during MMPR Season Two when Guitardo attacked.  I was thinking she could have used htis song to combat the monster... because why not let a nice voice save the day for once?!  I just love her voice quality here.

In Shinkenger OVA, Mako had her song during the concert illusion scene.  She's the only character in Shinkenger who got to sing her character song, why didn't the others get to do so?  I mean Kotoha's character song could have been sung by her in any episode?!  I thought this was another enjoyable performance, unfortunately desecrated by Mr. Krabs' Power Rangers Samurai by his refusal to re-film the whole scene!


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