My Overly Crazy Shipping: Troy Burrows and Gia Moran!

As I was watching Megaforce to Super Megaforce... I developed the impression that I would want to match up Troy and Gia ever since day one.  Some wanted a Troy/Emma pairing and some may be supporting the Jake/Gia shipping (ugh).  Now I was even thinking of this shipping all along:

Megaforce 9
Maybe my first reason I want to ship Troy and Gia is because of the fact... I don't like the idea of Jake stalking on Gia.  Now it's not anything racist, I could become a fan of any interracial pairing and being neutral at the least.  In my own way, I thought Emma was too overly cheery while Gia may be the answer to unlock Troy's hidden emotions.

Is it just me or does Troy look like he has a crush on Gia here?  For some reason, I always think they belong together.  I was wondering how many people are backing me up in my Troy/Gia pairing?  I hope I do have a good part supporting the idea.

This scene almost looks like they could really be a couple.  I even thought that this scene almost looks like their wedding.  Hmmm... now only if Megaforce would end properly and I hope I can write a Troy/Gia story of them actually getting married some time later.  In fact, I even want to theorize that any child born out of Troy and Gia would one day shape the world.


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