What I Think is Practically Wrong With Power Rangers Megaforce?

It's another Saban era and I know it's going to end.  Now here's what I think is practically wrong with Power Rangers Megaforce:

Everything is just, rush, rush and SUPER RUSH then bad pacing comes in between.  The first half tries to cram in Goseiger and then it tries to cram in Gokaiger.  Please Gosei, you better give us a good explanation why Jake goes from black to green!  MMPR nostalgia may not be a problem but, the show's bad pacing practically ruins it.  And I think the Megaforce/Super Megaforce halving should have not been done.  Screw you Nickelodeon... and to think I used to like its shows.

The show is too eye candy reliant as most of them have bad acting.  This picture says it all with Andrew Gray the pretty boy in between Ciara Hanna and Christina Masterson.  I would say that the show seems to try and rely on these three too much... while Gia may not have much focus episodes but she steals the show.  Emma is a failed Kimberly.  For Troy... he's just a pretty boy with nothing else special than that buff appearance of his. =P

Adding pre-Zyuranger suits and Dairanger suits.  Now while Saban has the rights to footage but isn't any better way to introduce pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai to American viewers?  I mean, while it can't be aired but... this is stupid.  I mean, it's sort of confusing the intended audiences and two, it's just plain lazy.

Can you name any more?  Just comment!


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