What if Spike Met Mako in Shinkenger?

Power Rangers Samurai was so bad a season... no questions asked. The presence of Skull's son Spike (and possibly Bulk's nephew) had triggered me my wild imagination. It was also the source of my habit of mentioning Spike every time I wrote something about Rin Takanashi. What's really my own assumptions?

Let us consider what if Mako fought out-of-suit against a group of Nanashi. Spike was in vacation in Japan and he was ambushed by them. It just had me thinking that he happened to be saved by Mako... who is most likely a decade older than he is. Mako's probably 24 when he's 14... which makes an awkward match between them unless Spike was the one older. On the other hand, you might consider some of the dumbest stuff to happen between Spike and Mako.

The possible reaction Spike might have over Mako may vary. Either he's a greedy pervert (that means he's more interested in taking Mako's private moments for money) or he's a lovesick fool (he wants to date Mako). He does look like he's a perverted teenager... at the same time, he could be really be money hungry. So he might view Mako more as a target for his perverted photography than a girl to date. Or not... considering he does dream of the Pink Ranger.

Again so what if Mako saved him in the field? Considering Mako might want to help him for his "broken state" , he might misunderstand her intentions. If he were in Japan where his TV-Y7-FV rating does not apply, he might do the unthinkable. I just had my own weird imagination he might actually grope Mako in the process. Mako may at first want to help him but she might actually do something highly unusual... she might actually SLAAAAAAAP him for sexual harassment.

Now just consider what if Spike had that daydream of saving the Pink Samurai Ranger. Instead of seeing a pink ranger tied up by Nanashi, he's most likely going to see Mako tied up. He might even think he could be Mako's knight in shining armor when he isn't. This could lead to complicated stuff which... can actually make him obsessed over Mako. Then again considering his dad always had money making schemes, he might drop off his desire to date Mako and make it his desire to exploit her for money instead.


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