A Very Biased Rant: Why I Freaking Dislike Emma in Power Rangers Megaforce!

Well I guess this is going to be one painful rant and yes, I am already guilty of extreme favoritism.  First and foremost to any Sentai purist loser out there, this is NOT attacking Power Rangers as a whole but just me getting upset on Megaforce.  So while I could tolerate robotic and boring Troy, I think Noah and Jake are fine and I do like Gia, but Emma is for me one problematic plot.  Do I hate her?  No... I would just say I dislike Emma but not hate her as a character.  So I'm taking a deep breath one way or another.

So why do I dislike Emma?  I would go for the actress and the character.  Episode one really makes her a poor Kimberly clone.  Trying to imitate it?  It was Mega-fail.  Maybe I can say the blame goes to the actress Christina Masterson who comes out overly cheery, she tends to overact and more often than not, I want to slam my head on the desk whenever it's her focus episode.  Also, she gets TOO MUCH focus and the acting doesn't get any better.  I always thought man, when is her acting going to improve and it NEVER DID.  The fact she gets TOO MANY focus episodes makes it very annoying to watch.

If Ciara Hanna were Emma, I don't think I'd dislike the character!

Again, I could be guilty of extreme biases, remember I'm biased okay?  My biases are maybe because I think Ciara Hanna is miles above Christina Masterson in looks and acting.  But what's important is ACTING.  I also had my thoughts on that maybe Ciara Hanna could have pulled out a Kimberly 2.0 way better.  I do find Amy Jo Johnson's acting better than Reiko Chiba but it's at a very short mile lineage difference.  Neither Ciara or Amy are really outstanding but... they can do their job right.

Again, this is just a bias okay?!

Then again, part of my biases are well, thanks to Rin Takanashi having acted as Mako Shiraishi in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.  Again, my fandom for Mako is obvious even if it has slid down thanks to me liking Shinkenger less (the whole group went down, not just her).  Again, I considered Mako to be be a more mature Kimberly which again, added to my biases.

So there's Emma while the characterization is okay, it's the actress I'm having problems with so I hope I made my point.


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