Possible Love Polygon That Could Have Been Introduced Into Power Rangers Megaforce

I always had my thought if I were to handle Power Rangers Megaforce, I'll really insert a love polygon into the story like...

I thought of the whole Jake liking Gia is that HE IS A FREAKING STALKER.  Again I'm being guilty since I tend to stalk girls as a teenager.  Still, I can't help but think the whole Jake likes Gia is very one sided.

However, Gia has a strong admiration for Troy who also likes her.  Granted, Troy should really get a backstory of sorts to why he's so robotic and so on.  This adds some conflict between rangers if Gia is stuck in between her leader and her deputy.  That is Troy likes Gia, Jake likes Gia and Gia likes Troy.

Although I also want to butt in Emma into the situation of being attracted to Troy, while Troy is attracted to Gia.  This of course can create some conflict considering Gia and Emma are best friends but now they are stuck over Troy.


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