Why I Think There's A Bad Chemistry For The Megaforce Girls

I thought of it that Power Rangers Megaforce tried to create two Kimberlys in one show namely Gia and Emma. So I would try to write on how the chemistry here just didn't work compared to other girl team seasons.

Sorry if I have to bring up Miku and Chisato here but I thought that not making Chisato date Kouichiro at the end (he wasn't attracted to her anyway while she had a crush on him) made more sense than Gia suddenly dating Jake. That's just one point to bring up. Unlike Emma and Gia, both Miku and Chisato have a fair share of focus episodes. In Mega-fail, Emma gets to much focus episodes and Gia well, her role steals the spotlight A LOT. Chisato never had her head bitch in charge attitude and Miku in spite of being air-headed, was able to develop for the better.

My problem for Gia and Emma is really more on Christina's acting and Gia getting so little focus which doesn't cut out the balance. Another factor that makes Megaforce mega-unbearable is that Emma's actress Christina Masterson comes out as overly cheery and overacts a lot. Gia gets so little episode focus, come on why is Emma robbing all the spotlight? Okay maybe if I were the writer, Gia will get too much spotlight but any form of favoritism is bad. Based on experience, it's just not right. Also the problem is you are having two Kimberlys - one who is the more boyish one but hottest girl in school and the other who is the overly cheery one.

I felt like Chisato alone stands against the two Kimberys one one show. In what way? She sings BETTER than Emma so I guess her voice will be more than enough to negate bad music. Another is that she's not a Mary Sue like Gia. She's not even a snob either like she's still good friends with Kenta even if they're too apart. Chisato is the hottest girl in school, she's pretty smart and Kenta is pretty much an idiot who matures as Megaranger progresses.

If we're going to talk about eye candy balance, you need to give them proper development. I felt like both characters better complimented each other better than Gia and Emma. In what way? Both characters have their fair share of development although Mako's was pretty slow and Kotoha had earlier development. Both girls managed to balance each other out. Sorry if I have to keep bringing them up but Mako and Kotoha still have better balance and Kotoha's probably just a few points below Mako.

Again, another informal rant because Megaforce is so Mega-Fail!


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