Mortal Kombat X: My Expectation vs. Reality!

So I'm hoping to get this game soon.  So here's what I thought.  I had a series of expectations that came along the way that didn't match with reality:

I expected Mortal Kombat X to be heavily based on Mortal Kombat 4.  However, it turned out that the story spanned a total of 25 years.  I expected lots of MK4/Gold cast members to return but it turned out that Cyrax, Baraka (might be DLC though), Reiko (he was only in the comics), Jarek (good thing Kano is in his place), Tanya (she will be DLC), Kai and Fujin aren't in the regular roster.

When Kotal Kahn first appeared, I assumed he might either be the main boss or the sub-boss.  My reasons were he just freaking looks like Ogre in Tekken right?  When I first saw Kotal Kahn, I thought he would be either the main villain, sub-boss (considering he freaking sliced off Goro's four arms) and because he's the new emperor of Outworld, that he'd surely be the sub-boss.  However he is demoted to the position of regular fighter instead like how Ogre was dealt with in the Tekken Tag Tournament games.

I expected stage fatalities will return.  Sad to say as much as I want to buy the game, the stage fatalities won't be returning.  I pretty thought that we might see new stage fatality

I expected Brutalities to be like Killer Instinct's Ultra Combos, that is I wanted to see the characters beat up the opponent in a brutal combo ender.  That is, do a simple command when the opponent's life bar is flashing and you're in a combo.  Instead, the Brutalities of the game are more like how No Mercies are performed in Killer Instinct 2, doing them when the opponent's lifebar is critical but the game sets you must do this and do that before you can do it.  For me, this might be another downsider since I wanted to see a flashy combo finish killing the opponent into a pulp.  


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