Mako Shiraishi vs. Emma Goodall For The Role As The New Kimberly!

I felt like writing this silly post because I really can't buy how Megaforce tries to recreate Kimberly into Emma but fails miserably mainly because of the actress Christina Masterson.  If I am to talk about a Mako vs. Emma battle, Mako wins... now I might be biased but note, Mako is one of my lesser favorites compared to most old school rangers in general.

For Emma, I would credit a combination of bad writing and inadequate acting that makes the character a terrible disaster.  Christina Masterson's acting is so bad it makes her the most intolerable person in the whole show for me.  Plus her chemistry with just almost everybody is so, so, SO fake.  For me, she's the worst disaster in PR acting history.  Now I don't like Rose in Operation Overdrive (but the hate is over, relax) but hey, at least Rose's actress Rhodissa Montemayor tried, no not Christina Masterson.  It's just ugh... the acting is so bad that she's a terrible Kimberly clone.  She just feels SO FAKE!  Oh boy, don't even get me started on episode one, that should have been a clue for me for, "That's it I'm out!" for the whole show itself.

Now my biases are just kicking in but personally, I think Rin Takanashi has done a way better job than Christina Masterson.  Also, Mako has been more likable than Emma getting overly cheery... but just watch out if you annoy her constantly, she won't hesitate to dump a sarcastic, witty comment against you.  I just had my thought that although she's not one of my top-tier favorites now (and the whole Shinkenger team went down with her in my list).  I think Rin would be able to carry out Kimberly's line in Japanese concerning the hair WAY BETTER than Christina ever will.

Call me crazy but looking at both pictures of Rin Takanashi and Amy Jo Johnson.  Looking at the facial similarities, they seem to have the same type of eyes (Mako's black though), nose, lips, teeth and facial structure.  I felt both actresses carry a similar charm in their acting career as pink rangers.  Christina Masterson's pink ranger performance doesn't stand up to any of these two.

Now here's where my biases kick in again for the nth time.  It's very easy for me to praise Mako over Emma for shallow and pitiful reasons.  Mako looks way better than Emma but what makes her better is not her appearance but her well... you can think of her acting.  As I've mentioned earlier, Rin's acting is similar to Amy Jo's - there's that charm you can't understand but help to be attracted to it.  Meanwhile Christina is just one disaster after the other.  Just almost everything about Mako is better than Emma... and if you want to hear Mako sing, watch the Shinkenger OVA.  Emma's just cheap, very cheap.  Overall, Mako wins. =P


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