Mortal Kombat X And More Stage Brutalities!

While I'm waiting for my PS3 version of Mortal Kombat X (which I assume Netherrealm will focus on PS4 soon which is quite understandable), I have observed the existence of Stage Brutalities.  I don't really know if this will really appeal to everyone but let's take a look at what we've gotten as of late.  I think the delay has to do with trying to make sure PS3 owners will get a proper send-off before they will inevitably have to buy the PS4 but hey, I am in no hurry!  Just me crossing my fingers for the release of Mortal Kombat X which I hope will happen with Fall as the latest because the delay got too long and Ed Boon wasn't happy with it either.

The Stage Brutalities are an instant kill on the stage which instead of waiting for "Finish Him/Her", you can kill an opponent the moment the life bar is flashing like the Ultra Combo in Killer Instinct.  Unlike Killer Instinct, you don't need to do a heavy hitting combo to send them to their deaths but rather, these finishers require you to do certain tasks like use stage interactables and end the FINAL HIT with that part of the stage.  So far here's what we have for Stage Brutalities that have been revealed.  

The following stages are where you can execute a Stage Brutality namely The Kove, Quan Chi's Fortress, Kuatan Jungle, Lin Kuei Temple and Outworld Marketplace from what is currently known.  There are requirements like having at least two-three interactables and use a certain element to finish the opponent when their life bar is at critical condition.  Some stages have two Stage Brutalities like Outworld Market (Blanche will either die together with the opponent or she kills the opponent) and in The Kove, you may uppercut your opponent (but hold Flip Stance while doing an uppercut) to throw them into the violent waters for a watery grave death or use a corpse to finish off the opponent as a final hit.  Each one of them has its own charm though I personally prefer it took more of Killer Instinct's flavor in a more bloody fashion right?


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