Good Thing Cheetor NEVER Became Cheetorus Prime!

When I remembered Beast Wars, I always wanted to draw inspiration of the Beast Wars cartoon with the Transformers G1 cartoon.  Although the Maximals and Predacons are a new generation of Transformers, not the original Transformers modified, you cannot deny how there's some inspiration of characters were quite similar.  Both Hotrod and Cheetor were pretty similar in terms of personality - young, boastful and impulsive.

If you remembered the Transformers movie, the newbie character Hot Rod starts off as a joke character but in the final scene, he becomes the new Autobot Commander, Rodimus Prime with the power of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.  The very act also destroyed Unicron's body only leaving a living head.  I always expected the same to happen to Cheetor... becoming Cheetorus Prime but I guess writers had learned from the mistakes of the original Transformers.  It's unknown if Beast Wars is a sequel to Transformers (Hasbro) or the Japanese Animated series.  In Beast Machines, Optimus Primal eventually sacrificed himself just like his predecessor, Optimus Prime (who died twice).  Optimus Prime was killed  off in the movie, revived in the Hasbro series (perhaps due to Rodimus' lack of popularity) and killed again in the Japanese cartoon, Transformers Headmasters.

Well I guess the whole jump between Transformers (a late 80s cartoon) and Beast Wars (a late 90s cartoon) may have actually given writers and producers time to see what went right and what went wrong.  I guess nobody wanted to attempt to turn Cheetor into Cheetorus Prime aka Rodimus Prime 2.0. otherwise it'd probably meet a lot of bad reception as Rodimus Prime did.


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