My Reimagination of Apocalypse From Egyptian To Chinese!

I really had my thoughts on what if Apocalypse were Chinese and not Egyptian.  The most obvious change would be his name won't be En Sabah Nur but Dao Shu Guang, something similar to as En Sabah Nur means "the first morning" in earlier languages.  I always thought of Apocalypse' possible origins on what if he were reimagined as  Chinese, not Egyptian therefore the first discovered mutant appeared in China and not in Egypt although Selene is order than Apocalypse.

Apocalypse might actually exist in the era of the first emperor, Shih Huang Ti.  Maybe Shih Huang Ti would be Kang the Conqueror instead of Rama Tut.  Maybe he would a master of Chinese sorcery or he would be raised by a Chinese tribe of warriors.  Maybe he would appear as China's first mutant of unparalleled power he would greatly be feared.  He would have a vision of the goddess Shengmu or Nuwa instead of Isis because he's in China.  Maybe he's seen China would be the ultimate testing ground of mutantkind but I would still have him go to Europe where he will seek to find other people with the potential to do his bidding like Exodus and Mr. Sinister.


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