So Andrew Gray Is Far Different From Troy Burrows

As much as Megaforce can be considered by some to be a really bad entry for Power Rangers (and I think so to) but there's one thing I thought was funny. Troy no matter how boring I think he is, I think he'd be a better friend than Daigo Kiryu that at least he is NOT a spotlight robber. While I couldn't make him a favorite, but I thought I might actually talk about the actor Andrew Gray is far from robotic in real life.

When I think of Andrew Gray outside Megaforce, I can't help but say, "WTF! What were the writers thinking?!" Looking at his videos where he's not Troy, he's a totally different character and that his non-robotic self could have been used. So the more I check out his other videos, the more I realize that he's really not Troy at all. I think I might actually have fun talking to him.

So really, Jonathan Tzachor, what were you thinking considering you have way more experience than I do with writing?!


  1. Now I wish I could gone to Power Morphicon to meet the real him, in person!


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