Tori Hanson In Ninja Storm: Hot As Not As Nanami Nono But...

I always feel like Ninja Storm is a decent season but man, I feel it's underrated and it should get some credit.  I dunno how many people at least in their own OPINIONS think that the show is a stupid entry for the franchise (and I personally don't so let's not fight over it), but I feel like I still have some appreciation for this cute blonde even if Nanami is hotter than her, no questions asked.

Got to admit, yes, Nanami Nono is a real distraction and the actress Nao Nagasawa IMO can act better than Sally Martin.  But for Sally, she may not be the best but she's not the worst either.  For Hurricanger, it might be a problem if you belong to a minority who dislikes the show.  I also thought it might be quite stupid if poor Tori is bashed because she's definitely not in Nanami's level.  Sure, she's not Nanami but it's best to say something positive whenever you can because good criticism does a complete assessment.  However, there are times you can't say anything nice anymore but as said, address your opinions with the facts to defend your negative opinion.

Even if there are shows I'd say based on my opinion and criticism are just a shadow for most of its run like I think Power Rangers tends to be that and Super Sentai is the better show for me, it doesn't mean I can't say anything positive if I find anything positive.  Just to be less biased on this one, I think Tori herself is still an okay character - she's sweet, she's charming and while she may not be Nanami in the level of hotness, come on, I can still appreciate her!  No matter how much I think Super Sentai is better, I still find joy in speaking positively about it and I think Tori though not as good as Nanami, I still find it impossible to dislike her even if she's nowhere near Nanami in the hotness chart but she's an okay character nonetheless.


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