The Billgoldy Project In Janperson

Mid-series, Janperson does not only get an android ally in Gun Gibson (something that didn't happen during the Robocop movies) but also, we have an interesting concept of a "New Janperson Model" which makes me think... IS THAT ROBOCOP 2?!

In Janperson episode 31, Ryuzaboro Tatewaki undergoes a rather daring operation (literally) when he attempts to integrate the Janperson model into himself, to become the the sinister Billgoldy. It might be a cross-reference to RoboCain in the second Robocop movie. Remember in the second movie, Cain's brain was removed from its body and placed into the second Robocop. Tatewaki received some kind of cybernetics operation that turned him into the sinister Bio-Cyborg known as Billgoldy which made me think... did the writers and producers have Clarence Boddicker in mind when they wrote this plot? Most likely!

I felt like the whole plot was, "Let's take Boddicker's remains and turn him into the Robocop 2 project!" but compared to Boddicker, Tatewaki was still pretty much alive. When I saw the Robocop film, I thought that perhaps, it would have been better in Tatewaki got injured as bad as Boddicker before turning him into Billgoldy. Having a cyborg version of Boddicker around in Janperson makes things scarier than it already was, considering that Tatewaki is in fact, the Japanese version of Boddicker but he runs the whole show as Tatewaki Konzern's head.

Another possible reason behind Tatewaki's transformation into Billgoldy might be also because the producers wanted to do this. They wanted to contrast Janperson who in spite of being completely mechanical was more human than Billgoldy who voluntarily casts aside his humanity and sanity as the series progresses. Quite interestingly, Janperson stabbed Billgoldy with the Jan Blade in the final battle, but I wish it were at the neck instead like it was in the movie, causing the villain to finally die from some bleeding. I mean, you freaking blew off the thumb of Makebe so why not stab Boddicker at the neck?


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