Gohan And Yamcha Shares Some Hairstyle Similarities

Why is Gohan copying Yamcha’s hairstyle
Image taken from: http://polandball18.tumblr.com/post/127640807780/why-is-gohan-copying-yamchas-hairstyle

While Gohan's image is a combination of both Goku and Chi-Chi but the similarity above is really is that he resembles... YAMCHA? I thought that somehow the next Dragon Ball Z ended up having some carry over of traits from the last generation characters like Trunks vs. Goten is pretty much like the later friendly rivalry of Tien vs. Yamcha, with Trunks being better. But for Gohan, it's easy to notice he does copy Yamcha's hairstyle in more than one occasion so was he meant to be a next generation Yamcha as well?

I always thought it was funny to have Gohan have Yamcha's long hair style during the Saiyan saga and after he got a haircut, his hair is similar to that of Yamcha with short hair. When you look at the similarity, you can see the obvious similarities which were either intentional or coincidental. When Gohan grows up, he also has Yamcha's spiky hairstyle. So why did he copy Yamcha's hairstyle a lot?

My recent assumption was that what if Yamcha's hair was originally meant for Goku but nobody liked the idea of changing Goku's hair. So if they can't have Yamcha's hair on Goku, why not put it on Gohan? I wonder if my speculation actually makes sense with why Gohan and Yamcha end up having the same hairstyles.


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