Dream Character: The Daughter Of Leonard And Cassie Jean

Although I'm not all that keen as a Baywatch viewer but I just thought of this imaginary character. Okay maybe I can't imagine Pamela Anderson in her current state replaying the character (she looks more of a disfigured doll now). But I just wanted to have fun and imagine the daughter of Leonard and Cassie Jean played by post-Nickelodeon girl Gracie Dzienny. I'll name this imagined character as Pamela Denise after the actress.

What's her biography? Both Leonard and Cassie had a daughter who had inherited much of her mother's good looks but not her free spirit. At first, she has no interest to be a lifeguard and instead she starts living a more normal life where she did some part time modeling job. During the team she and her parents went to the beach, she meets the son of Cody Madison named David. Cody who was her mother's ex-boyfriend got married to some unidentified character meets her and falls for her. Pamela also shares the same attraction and thus she begins to follow her mother's footsteps but is afraid she's not in par with her mother. Known as the goddess of beauty in the beach, many men want her but she's only got her eyes on David.


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